The Promised Podcast

the_promised_podcast_logo_2The Promised Podcast is straight talk about Israeli politics, culture, society, economy, and all the rest, with passion, without propaganda, once a week.

Oh, and we throw in some killer music by up-and-coming Israeli musicians for good measure!

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Listener reviews:

I like the mix of heavy and light subjects. The hosts are so fun!
Rachel Leah Becker

A highly informative review, highly knowledgable presenters. Would recommend to all interested in the Israel/Gaza conflict and other issues relating to Israel and Jews.

This podcast is fabulous: fun, witty, musical, inspired. Talk about Israel and issues by critical Americans who live in and love Israel. My favorite part of each podcast is the closing portion, What a Country! Try this, you will love it!

I download the latest from this crew. Trends are emerging from each of the regulars that are fascinating albeit unknown to themselves. A reality show for Zionists!
Evan Canter


Allison Kaplan Sommer writes for Ha’aretz on politics, culture and society. She is a veteran journalist and blogger who has covered events in Israel and the Jewish world for The Jerusalem Post, JTA, The Forward. Her blog, “Routine Emergencies,” is the talk of the town.

Don Futterman is the Israel Program Director of the Moriah Fund and Director of the Israel Center for Educational Innovation. He is a columnist for Haaretz, and has written for the Daily Beast, the San Francisco Chronicle, Tikkun, Moment, and other periodicals. Don was a commentator for public radio in San Francisco and Seattle, and before that — an iniquity of youth — a professional actor and story-teller.

Noah Efron aspires to make his living as a professional podcast host, raising bloviating to high art. It was his childhood dream. He teaches at Bar Ilan University, where he was founding chairperson of the program in Science, Technology & Society. He served on the Tel Aviv-Jaffa City Council. Noah also played bass for an ill-fated band named Liquid Plumr, and has run marathons, slowly, on three continents. He lives in Tel Aviv with his wife, daughter, son, dog, and cat. His greatest regret is that he is not Nora Ephron.