The Demagogue’s Defense: Trump-style, Netanyahu Attacks Law Enforcement, Invokes God as His Fanboy

Published on Haaretz

Netanyahu, the avowed atheist, now calls on God to help and defend him. But until that divine sign of favour is revealed, he’s going to use his bully pulpit to attack the rule of law – and the basic intelligence of every Israeli

Listening to Benjamin Netanyahu spin and spin induces nausea. How many hours did he and his spinmeisters work on the details of his live televised response to the indictment charges the Israeli police recommended Wednesday? He included all the top hits of his heroic past (his achievements on behalf of Israel’s security, the famous 1972 Sabena hijack rescue he participated in, his UN speeches, then security again, then the red phone – his 24 hour availability to deal with crises)?

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