How did it Come to This? Five Months of Turmoil

A semi-annual review of events in Israel 

This summer’s seven-week war with Hamas and Gaza, the buildup to the war, and the fallout both locally and internationally were extremely damaging. There were large numbers of casualties and massive destruction on the Palestinian side, painful losses on the Israeli side, and deep hatred and anger provoked among all participants. In the short term, the war clearly had a markedly destructive effect on Israeli-Palestinian relations, Jewish-Arab relations within Israel, Israel’s international standing and relations with the United States, and confidence in any hopes for peace. In the long term, it is too early to tell what the impact will be, whether we are simply experiencing a pause before the next round of fighting in Gaza, or whether the reshuffling of regional powers might lead to new scenarios, and whether those will be better or worse than the current situation.

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