The Great Ethiopian Divide

Published in Haaretz

The Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel is divided between the Beta Yisrael and the Falashmura (some of whose leaders prefer they be called She’arit Yisrael – the Remnant of Israel ). Most Israeli ferengi, as Ethiopians term any lighter skinned non-Ethiopian, do not distinguish between the two groups, and government policies relate to Beta Yisrael and the Falashmura as a single entity. For better or worse, therefore, they share a common fate in Israel.

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Naftali Bennett Wants You!

Published in The Daily Beast

Naftali Bennett has been leading a dramatic rebranding of the right-wing national religious party, HaBayit HaYehudi, and polling so high that some predict he could have the third largest party in Israel. His latest effort is an 80-second ad in English, targeting Anglos—as English-speaking immigrants (olim) are called inside Israel—and more specifically American olim.

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