Let’s Talk About (Anything But) the Occupation

Published on Haaretz

Let’s enjoy our self-delusionary bubble. Let’s not talk about the regime of control we Jews have created to keep Palestinians off-balance and in fear.

Let’s talk about the Occupation.

Let’s open our eyes and look again at the daily brutality of the Occupation, and what it does to human beings living only a few miles from our homes, and what it does to ourselves.

No, let’s talk about how publicizing the daily travesties of the Occupation in the foreign press hurts Israel’s image abroad and feeds those seeking our destruction, and how we must punish any foreign government or Jew or Jewish organization that dares expose our dirty laundry in public.

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A Purim Who’s Who for 2017: Recasting the Jewish Holiday With Trump, Bannon and the Rest

Published on Haaretz

This year’s Purim casting is a bit sticky, imperfect and Oedipal, but some of the alignments are too perfect to ignore:

1. Ahasuerus obviously is Donald Trump, impulsive and imperious, distracted and dictatorial, famous for delegating his authority to evil counselors, having the annals of his own exploits read to him to help him fall asleep, and for making snap decisions about the lives and deaths of his subjects.

Ahasuerus controlled provinces from India to Ethiopia, and presumably has office towers and resorts in each one, and was famous for revelries that convened the empire’s glitterati and scribal paparazzi.

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How will America look after years of Trump and Bannon? See: Israel

Published on Haaretz

Liberal democratic values are under attack in both America and Israel. But in Israel, the assault’s already gone on for years, led by fanatics and unobstructed by a cowardly prime minister.

This week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Britain’s leader Theresa May to stop funding Breaking the Silence, an organization founded by serving officers in the Israeli army to speak out against the damage done to soldiers by forcing them to control the lives of Palestinians in the occupation. (Full disclosure: I work for the Moriah Fund, which has given annual grants to Breaking the Silence though the New Israel Fund for many years.) Netanyahu sees democratic dissent as more dangerous to Israel than a law justifying the theft of privately owned Palestinian land, a new low point in Israel legislative history.  Continue reading

Trump’s Inaugural Address: A Tremendous Speech Like the World Has Never Seen Before

Published on Haaretz

Exclusive excerpts from Donald Trump’s own Inaugural notes. *Satire

This will be a speech like the world has never seen before. This will be tremendous. People tell me, thank you Donald, for making America great again. I’m tremendous.

For eight years, the president was super-smart, thoughtful, decent, caring, cautious, fair and strategic.


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The Israeli left should endorse moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Published on Haaretz

Why should we allow right wingers to claim only they care about Jerusalem’s place in Jewish history and identity?

Israeli leftists should back President-elect Trump’s pledge to relocate the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Why? For two key reasons: first, because it is justified, and not just in terms of finally implementing the 1995 congressional decision to do so, but, secondly, because it is a tactical error to create even the appearance that the Israeli left cares less about Jerusalem than other Jews do.

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